MBS Envision®, Inc., organized in 1997, has become recognized as a leading national provider of a highly specialized, portable diagnostic service to patients in need of assessment of a swallowing disorder. The founder and president of MBS Envision, Inc. is James E. Sutton, who has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and has served in various capacities as an officer with several nationally recognized multi-facility companies.

MBS Envision has contracts with more than 500 facilities consisting of about 60,000 beds to provide modified barium swallow studies for patients located in the metro areas of Chicago, Cleveland, Akron and Columbus. The Corporate Office is located in Mahomet, Ill. and primarily supports the Chicago operation. A regional office in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio has been established to support the Cleveland, Akron and Columbus, Ohio operations.

Each office has the availability for the following professional services either on a full-time or consulting basis: physician, radiologist, speech-language pathologist, director or manager of clinical services and operations manager. These professionals are available to support the safe, efficient and effective delivery of patient care diagnostic services and ensure that staff members are trained and competent, remain abreast of new developments in their specialized areas, and have access to ongoing, continuing educational opportunities.

MBS Envision's Mobile Team

Delivers diagnostic services to those patients residing in a nursing facility, hospital, rehabilitations facility or homebound. We will come to YOU with:

  • A licensed physician
  • An experienced, qualified and specially trained CCC-SLP
  • A trained technician
  • Our exclusive, state-of-the-art mobile videofluoroscopic swallow study equipment will be taken off a van and transported into a patient’s room or another comfortable setting.
  • No longer will your patient have to wait days and weeks for a hospital appointment

Each diagnostic service is recorded and evaluated by both our professional mobile team members and a board-certified radiologist to assure that the most accurate and thorough swallowing diagnostic service is provided. Since your professional staff also will be able to attend and participate in the study and be given a report of the findings, this immediate feedback will enable your professional staff to develop and quickly implement an appropriate and effective plan of care for the patient.

MBS Envision's Equipment

Patient Care Driven

For many years, Modified Barium Swallow studies had been performed by Surgical C-Arm equipment typically used in a hospital. With the aging of the population and an increased need for the comfort and convenience of patients, as well as need for a more cost-effective method of obtaining swallow studies, a group of visionaries in conjunction with Northwestern University’s Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders designed a new portable (DIA Scan) videofluoroscopy unit that was called a U-Arm. MBS Envision is proud to employ this state-of-the-art equipment as an integral and valuable part of their diagnostic services and program.

The primary features of MBS Envision’s videofloroscopic equipment that make it truly unique, valuable and patient care driven are:

  • The U-Arm is compact, folds up and can be easily transported and unloaded and setup in a comfortable setting of any facility where the patient is located, thereby reducing patient discomfort and disorientation. Because patients will not have to go outside to receive diagnostic services, the amount of staff time involved with the study is significantly curtailed. 
  • The use of portable equipment enables studies to be conducted within 24-48 hours of initial contact. Patients will not have to wait days or weeks for an appointment at a local hospital.  
  • The compact equipment plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet and requires no special environmental consideration or shielding. The low-level radiation output limits radiation exposure to both patients and staff.  
  • The 9-inch diameter field of view Image Intensifier is the same latest state-of-the-art system as is used in Cardiac Cath Labs. These special imaging capabilities often provide clearer scans than those obtained from C-Arms.  
  • Recordable technology allows for copies of the procedure to be made and immediately available for the facility and radiologist. With this quick feedback the facility’s staff can begin immediately to develop a new plan of care.
  • The U-Arm’s Source to Image Distance (SID) is 36 inches, which is greater than the space between the tabletop and image system on the conventional C-Arm. The 36-inch distance in our equipment alleviates the necessity of having to lift and transfer the patient from a wheelchair to a special imaging chair or perhaps laying them on a table as often as required with the use of C-Arms. Thus, patient stress, risk and discomfort are eliminated with our program, because all diagnostic services are rendered while the patient is seated in a standard wheelchair. Even bariatric and/or confused patients can be accommodated.