The leading onsite service provider of Dysphagia diagnostics and member of the Patheous Health network.

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MBS Envision is proud member of the Patheous Health network, a leading innovator in feeding and swallow health for diagnostics and therapeutics.  MBS Envision traces it roots back to 1997 and became recognized as a leading provider of the portable modified barium swallow study diagnostic service to patients in need of assessment of a swallowing disorder.


Having diagnosed over 60,000 patients across the Great Lakes region, our medical field teams include a board-certified physician, radiologist, speech-language pathologist, director of clinical services and a field technician.


Our  professionals are available to support the safe, efficient and effective delivery of patient care diagnostic services and ensure that staff members are trained and competent, remain abreast of new developments in their specialized areas, and have access to ongoing, continuing educational opportunities.