MBS is the "gold standard" of swallow study

The Modified Barium Swallow (MBS) study

The modified barium swallow study is the "gold standard" for evaluating the structures and physiology of the oral, pharyngeal and upper 1/3 of the esophageal phases of the swallow.   
A specially trained Speech Language Pathologist administers various consistencies of food and liquid mixed with medical grade barium to the patient in order to assess swallow function.  This procedure identifies physiological deficits that guide appropriate treatment planning.
In addition, the study is used to determine the safest and least restrictive oral diet and beneficial swallow strategies and treatment.  
Velopharyngeal assesses working speech structures

Fluoroscopy Velopharyngeal Insufficiency Test

A velopharyngeal insufficiency test by video fluoroscopy is a procedure for adults and children with persistent hypernasal speech.  This procedure allows the SLP and ENT/Craniofacial surgical team to identify the anatomy, physiology and closure pattern of velopharyngeal port to assist with treatment planning and/or surgical intervention.
During the procedure, a patient is recorded while speaking the three positions to assess the functional structures during speech.
MBS Envision VFSS units are specifically portable

MBS Envision Diagnostic Equipment

Our licensed and proprietary video fluoroscopic swallow study (VFSS) units are specifically for portable use to perform onsite MBS or velopharygeal diagnostics.  
This portability benefits patients that cannot or should not be transported outside of their long term care or skilled nursing facility.  
Our certified medical team is uniquely equipped to conduct these onsite studies safely and effectively while providing your patient the dignity and comfort they need.